13 Great Resources For FREE Logo Creation (updated)

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Ran across this list of free logo creation resources and the synopsis of each, and this is an excellent resource!

We find (also from personal experience) that much of the time when we’re working on logo creation and branding with clients that they have an idea in mind and often when that idea is translated to a “real” logo it may fall flat from the expectations. This is a great opportunity for one to play with their ideas, basically at no monetary cost and vet their logo ideas before getting to the graphic design phase. Not only will this save a ton of time, but also a ton of money – and a bunch of frustration. Remember though, when it comes to logo creation – always be open to possibilities that you never considered – you may be surprised!

We’ve all heard about the importance of “branding” one’s business. It’s important to present a strong, cohesive image to customers, and a logo can help you do that.

Now, you don’t need to be a design expert to create a logo that grabs someone’s attention for all of the right reasons. And you don’t have to pay a professional a small fortune to get a high-quality result (shocking, I know).

There are numerous resources that will let you design a logo for free, and some of the unicorns in the industry will even allow you to download it without having to pay a penny.

Here are 11 12 13 stunning resources to create a logo for free (or close to it).


1. Logo Genie

Logogenie offers a wide range of logo templates that you can easily customize to your needs with the online tools. Extra details such as shapes, lines, icons and gadgets help to embellish your logo design. You can  save as many different logo versions as you like on your user account. Downloading HD files is cheap and extra options are available such as the social network package, vector formats and more. You can easily create a good logo with this site.

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2. Canva

Certainly deserve to be added to this list. Hundreds of templates that are categorized by industry, tons of fonts included (with the ability to add your own!), unlimited color selection, and a solid editor. Can download final product on free plan but have upgrade to a paid plan to get a transparent background – but they do offer a 30 day trial period so there is that….

3. Logomakr

The free version of the Logomakr service allows you to choose from thousands of stock icons and use hundreds of available fonts. The color options are plentiful and adjustable, and all of the objects used can be resized and rearranged for a truly custom experience.

Once you create a logo, you can save it to your computer for free. Paid services are also available for those who would like professional assistance designing (or redesigning) a logo.

4. Free Logo Design

You can also choose Free Logo Design for your logo creation needs. Completely free options are available, letting you create a logo using their range of icons, fonts, shapes, and colors. You can also use available templates to help with the design process.

The free version is not high-resolution, but it can be created at a size that allows for multiple uses even at lower resolutions. A hi-res version of your logo can be purchased.

5. Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker has a logo generator that can be used to create a logo that you can download for free. The resolution of the final image is somewhat low, and customization options are limited, but it can still create a high-impact design for no cost to you.

6. Designimo

Low-resolution files are also free at Designimo, and high-resolution variants can be purchased. The process is extremely simple. Just enter your business name and see the samples.

You can search through the samples using keywords to help choose images that fit your business, and a basic level of editing can be done before you download.

7. Logo Garden

Another site that offers requires a purchase to download your creation, but lets you design for free, is Logo Garden. The image, font, and color options are vast, giving you a lot of power when you create a logo. After the design is complete, just download it to your computer after paying a small fee.

Logo design services are also available, as well as options for business cards, t-shirts, and promotional items.

8. Design Mantic

If you want a site that helps you create a logo by walking you through simple design steps, Design Mantic is easy enough for just about everyone to use. Simply select one of the three logo categories, one of three font options and how many colors you would like included in the logo. Next, enter your business name and choose an industry, and the site generates numerous designs for you.

Once the logos are created, you can search using certain keywords and view variations of one of those displayed. From there, you can keep it as is or customize various aspects before saving. It does require purchasing the logo, but the design tools can all be used for free.

9. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs also allows you to use the logo maker for free. It includes access to some features that aren’t necessarily available on every site that allows you to create a logo for free, like certain visual effects. However, you must purchase the files before they are available for download.

If you do want to make changes to the logo after purchase, those can be done at no extra cost.

10. Logo Maker

Another site that uses the “try before you buy” model is Logo Maker. You can create a logo for free and then make a purchase once the design is to your liking.

This site boasts 10,000 available icons, so you may be able to find something more unique with this service compared with some of the others.

11. Free Logo Services

All of the design related functions are available for free through Free Logo Services, so you only have to pay if you create a logo you love.

This site walks you through the process, letting you view their creations and customize your selection. As a bonus, you can also use the design software to create other items, like business cards, making it closer to a one-stop shop than some other offerings.

12. Logo Yes

UPDATED – It appears that this resource is not operating any longer as of our review on 8/25/2020.

13. Flaming Text

With Flaming Text, you do get access to some logo creation capabilities for free. However, downloading the files for business use does require payment. Personal and academic users can use the available logos and fonts at no costs, though the available features are somewhat limited.

Originally published at INC.com (link below) and written by Larry Kim, the CEO of Mobile Monkey and founder of WordStream.