Every business — small, large or somewhere in-between — needs a strong online presence.  The article by score.org, which is linked below, notes the pros and cons of Social Media, Websites and which one is best to have. It won’t surprise you that I am in a bit of a disagreement with Score’s suggestion of […]

Another New Google Ranking Factor? …Sigh… Ok Google, what’s different now? Google is looking at search queries and is measuring how well a website or webpage “accomplishes a searcher’s task”. When I first learned of this I thought, “Uh yeah. We know that.” But what Google is saying is in order for a page to […]

An extremely efficient way of using the functionality of Google Maps to make your business easier to find on Google Maps by someone looking for your product or service. Google Maps Marketing is a great tool if you want to target your local audience. Not only does it help you reach locals but also builds […]

Tell your Story in 6 seconds. Whaaat? We’ve all heard attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. It could be because we’re on the move, we’re multi-tasking, we’re on our phones, we’re inpatient — so much to do, so little time. We, as Marketers, are challenged to claim some of that time to tell our story. And now, we […]

This insightful write up was written by someone that I respect and like quite alot –Scott Pillsbury, the President of Rose City Label Company, the premier designer and printer of custom labels in the Pacific Northwest (in my humble opinion). While this article is clearly centered around the Food and Beverage industry, these five tips […]