Paid Advertising - Search Engine Marketing

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Online/Digital Advertising & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Successful Online Advertising Campaigns don’t happen from watching a YouTube video or two. There are an outrageous number of dollars wasted every day by well-intentioned businesses who put together their campaigns by doing just this.

Google Search Ads

With all the sites on the web it’s not easy to get to the top of the results so customers can find your site. Google Search Ads are a great way to buoy organic results and help you be found. With extensive research into competitors, keyword phrases, demographics and psychographics we build campaigns, ad groups & landing pages that all work together to squeeze every penny out of your budget by getting better relevance scores and lower cost per click rates than the industry average.

Google Display Network

You know those ads with images that show up in mobile apps and on your favorite news site or recipe blog? Those are display ads. When you want to keep your brand top of mind or you have a special offer going on these are great ads for getting attention. Highly targeted psychographic affinity groups, called Custom Affinity Audiences are created and placements are curated to give you the most effective campaigns for your display dollar.

By researching your industry, analyzing trends, and developing a comprehensive strategy for your entire campaign we maximize your exposure to the right audience without overpaying for keywords and clicks.

Google Maps Marketing

On most local searches one of the most prominent results is the Google Map. What business doesn’t want to appear on the Google Map for a search in their field? The indicator to the searcher is that these are the best results. One of the least used areas in Google Ads is Maps Marketing. Let’s get you on the map!

Retargeting? Remarketing?

Yeah, we do that stuff too. But without being completely obnoxious. With the right targeting tags we can make sure that people that have visited your site get served your ads more often since they have clearly shown an interest in your product or service.

Keeping up with Google

Advertising on Google seems like a fickle beast. In the early days of the web, advertising was strictly prohibited. Now, Google makes billions – yes, billions – of dollars a year in paid advertising.

Keeping up with the constant changes being implemented by Google in online advertising is one of the things we’re responsible for – something we don’t take lightly,

Spammy digital marketers spend the majority of their time trying to out maneuver or trick Google. Remember that Google’s goal is to serve the user the most relevant result to their search, location, interests based on online habits, and predictive speculation based on usage patterns.

Rather than try to trick the algorithm we work to make sure that your ads and associated web pages are relevant to the search terms you are wanting to rank for and balance that with your budget to make sure you are being seen where you want to be seen. Spam is great for a canned meat, but not for the web.