Google’s Marketing Next 2017 Keynote

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Google’s “Marketing Next” 2017 Keynote

– Machine Learning seemed to be the underlying theme to the latest Google initiatives at the “Marketing Next 2017” Keynote yesterday. Using AI, Google can more fully tell us about the many moments of a customer’s journey, their intent, the devices they used.

And this is important for us marketers — The biggest question we have as marketers and marketing analysts is, “Is my marketing working?” But then, isn’t that our clients’ biggest question, as well?

Thankfully, the Google “Marketing Next” plate of delicious marketing tools begins to answer this. Some of the newer tools include:

Google Attribution – in BETA
This is a new tool to measure touchpoint, multiple channels and multiple devices

  • Unify the attribution features of Adwords, Google Analytics and DoubleClick. You can leverage your conversion data and Google’s machine learning to move to a data driven attribution model, away from last click to improve media efficiency.
  • Available to all advertisers at No Cost
  • Attribution 360 – Enterprise version

Google Optimize + Adwords Integration
Test your landing pages without the need of a webmaster

  • Connect the optimal page to your campaign
  • Rolling out in the coming months

Unique Reach Reporting
In AdWords now and will be in DoubleClick this year

  • A new measurement tool that shows the number of times the same person sees your ad.
  • Will prevent double counting of users
  • Will measure how many people see the display and video ads and the average impressions per Unique User across multiple devices.
  • Perhaps this will help temper advertisers from, shall we say, spamming their audience with the same ad.

In-Market Audience is now available in Search Ads
Previously available only on the Google Display Network, now this feature is available in Search Ads, aggregating and anonymizing search history allowing advertisers to bid on individual searchers based on past activity and real-time behavior.

DoubleClick Plan Manager – in BETA

  • Platform to plan, run, and measure campaigns across a variety of publishers
  • Save time managing your Media Planning

Google Surveys 360

  • Easily create surveys for those people who saw your ad
  • Connected to AdWords
  • Available now

Rolling out later this year:
Local extensions on YouTube ads
Store Sales Measurement: able to import transaction data into Adwords to measure store sales and revenue at the device and campaign level across their Search and Shopping campaigns, and 3rd Party Partnerships to get sales data

Google Assistant
At the end of the Keynote, Google Assistant was demonstrated showing how machine learning and conversational technology is providing a more natural and personal engagement “at scale” by asking where to buy a particular product (not just a general question as to where a store is located which is already available with Google Assistant). Retailers today can provide their local inventory to Google, if they were interested in testing this out. Others were directed to to go the Google Assistant page.

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And I would be remiss if I did not mention that the Marketing Next 2017 Keynote began with “Relevant” and “Useful” content is crucial and must be delivered to smartphones and websites alike in a speedy manner.

Good tools coming this year, all based on the major theme of machine learning. So expect to hear more on this as Google continues to provide information on where people are in their journey, their intent, context, and devices used in order to provide us with the data and insights we need to show our marketing efforts are working.