Nobody Gives A Flying Shit About Your Brand

The Wall Street Journal calls Bob Hoffman “caustic yet truthful” and Time, Inc calls him “fabulously irreverent.” The Financial Times singled him out for “savage critiques of digital hype.” And Fuel Lines labeled him “the most provocative man in advertising.”

Here’s a great blogpost from Bob from last year.  Do you find truth in this?  We certainly do.  Leave your comments-can’t wait for some feedback.

A lot of people have shaky jobs. And many have unstable families. Some have illnesses. All have debts.
Lots have washing machines that are broken, and cars that need a tune-up, and funny things growing on their backs, and boyfriends that are always getting high, and socks that have holes, and hair that is falling out, and toilets that are unreliable, and 10 pounds of extra stomach, and kids that are unhappy, and teeth that hurt, and rent to pay, and…

…a lot of things to care about.

One thing you can be pretty sure they don’t care about is your brand.

Yes, I know you’ve been told that people love brands, and want to engage with them, and co-create with them and be all social with them. But stop and think about it for a minute. Do you really believe this? Does it even pass the giggle test?

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