Logo Design Process – Wren & Wild Clean Beauty

Mandy @ Wren & Wild had successfully designed her logo for her business. Simple, clean and classic. But, with a change in her business model and location decided that she wanted a whole new feel to her logo design.

Logos are interesting. While most inclinations are that one falls in love with a company logo and then the product or service, I argue that it’s the other way around – usually we love a product or service and identify it with their logo and branding. Don’t get me wrong – the right identity is important – it must be cohesive with the mission and offering of the company, it must be recognizable, and it certainly should be memorable.

After digging and finding out what Mandy likes in design, what her business goals are, who her ideal customer is, and many other questions we go to the design drawing board. From there we come up with 3 final designs to present with reasoning of why we came up with those designs. This is our first round.

From this point, the client digests the logos that they are presented and can do nearly anything from here – and we’ve seen it all.

  • Love one of them straight away and make an immediate decision.
  • Hate all of them, explain why and what they’d rather see. We go back to the drawing board with the new information and start over.
  • Pick elements from 2 or 3 and “Frankenstein” design one or two new options to review. (MOST COMMON)
  • Get inspired by one of the designs and make minor additions or subtractions for the next round.

Above are the presentation of round one and we’re waiting to see what happens…Story to be continued.