The Drip Approach

Flowing Water - Transformation
As we start a new year it’s a great time to plan for the coming weeks, months, and years. In the past I’ve been great at creating a tsunami of plans to make the coming year epic. This year it’s time for a new approach –
As I look at 2018 and reflecting on past years and the common pattern of losing traction somewhere around April and having everything shift to a new focus or some other situation, I realize that a new approach is all that is needed to make real change happen. Here is my plan for this year –
  1. Plan for the next quarter, not the next year. In my experience it’s virtually impossible to, with any accuracy at all, predict an entire year ahead. I’ve decided to set myself up for success by setting goals by the month and quarter to be re-evaluated each quarter to allow for pivots and refining. I expect with this approach that I’ll be able to be hyper focused on the goals at hand in the short term that will lead to the best for the rest of the year.
  2. Approach everything as a “drip by drip” vs a flood or hurricane.  Big storms seem to attract attention – not always positive. All real, lasting change happens over time, slowly shaping and coming to fruition without fracturing what’s being built. Incremental daily progress is what causes transformation – lasting change.
  3. Show up and deliver every day. Gain strength, build connections, and organize for the long term.
Here’s to a successful and prosperous 2018 to all – drip by drip….