Frequently Asked Questions

Setup & Launch

What if I don't have all of the information I need to start the website?

With unlimited content changes before and after launch, it’s easy.  Simply build an initial site with the content you do have, then send us updates as you finish writing.

I own multiple local companies and need each to have it’s own website. Do you offer a bulk discount?

Yes! You’ll receive 20% off when you have two or more sites with us.

My company has multiple locations. Can we list them all on our website?

Yes you can at no extra charge. However, if you’re doing Online Ordering or some other features such as booking, then it costs a bit more per location. Contact us for details.

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Can I sell stuff online?

Yes, you can take payments for just about anything.  Products, digital downloads, access, time (appointments or reservations), or tickets to events, online or IRL.   It’s very low cost and super simple to manage. Contact us for details.

Can I accept credit cards?

Yes, you have the option accept credit card orders.

In order to accept credit card orders, we’ll help you open a Payment Gateway account. There are many payment gateways you can choose from. The one that we use and recommend is  It’s very low cost and super simple to manage. Contact us for details.

Can I use a different Online Commerce provider?

Of course, we can integrate any commerce provider you choose to work with. We can integrate your online ordering system at no extra charge.  However, there may be search engine ramifications you are not aware of.  Contact us for details.

Can I process orders with my phone or tablet?

Sure, we can provide a phone interface to keep you in touch with your customers just using your phone or tablet.

Optimization for Mobile & Search Engines

Will you optimize my website for mobile?

Of course! We will ensure your website works flawlessly on all current mobile smartphones and tablets.

How will you help my website rank higher on search engines and Google?

We make sure your website is built using all of today’s industry best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That means we give you the best possible chance to rank highly in Google.

We’ll optimize the keywords on your site, as well as integrate your Google+ My Business listing. We’ll add a Google Analytics account to your site, so you can track how much traffic you’re getting (and more).

Do you offer additional internet marketing services?

Yes, we have a number of other great digital marketing services.For example, we can create and send social updates, email newsletters, or buy Google or Facebook ads.We have great tools and resources that can help grow your subscriber base and promote specials, events, and coupons. Contact us for details.


Unlimited updates? What's the catch?

We will post unlimited updates for you.  We simply ask that you send us all of the information in one place, and one update per request.   This makes it easy for us to do our work, and get the update done for you with no delay.

Can you make updates for me?

Yes! Just send us an email and we’ll take care of it (no extra charge). We can make most routine updates within one business day. More complex site changes could take one day longer.

Can I make updates myself?

Why bother learning a new system? You have a business to run! Instead, we do the changes for you. Drop us an email with your new content or new image(s) with clear instructions on where it goes and what it replaces and we have it all handled within 24 hours.

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Can I Partner With Other Passport Bend Services?

Yes, the Passport Bend network is full of great stuff. is just the start.  Here are some other opportunities to market your company:

  • Claim / Update your listing
  • Write blog articles for
  • Publicize your special offers using

… and more are coming soon.