Hopefully you have a SMART goal in your sights at this point. If you don’t, go back and do the work in step 2 before moving forward because this will be useless unless you do. 

I used a web design company as an example in our last lesson, so let’s stick with that as we jump into crafting a strategy. 

Now that we have a goal in hand, we need to define how we’ll reach it. 

We do that with what I call a How Ladder.

We’re going to reverse engineer our way to a strategy for our marketing funnel. Here’s what our Web Designer’s How Ladder might look like…

Web Designer’s Big, Audacious (and SMART) Goal

Acquire an average of 8 restaurant clients per month for new websites at $100 per client (per month) to reach $20,000 of MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and $200,000 in yearly revenue within 2 years.

How do we acquire 8 restaurant clients per month at $100 each? 

Secure 24 projects per month for our hook product—The Restaurant Digital Review

This is a project-based program that takes about a week, and we convert 30% of these projects into new website clients. In the program, we evaluate the status of their social media properties, Google Business, & Yelp! pages. From there, we get all of their page information up-to-date, living under one, easy-to-access umbrella and set these restaurants up for success. The program ends with a proposal to move into our website program (if a good fit) & handle ongoing management to move clients from project to retainer. 

How do we get 24 Restaurant Digital Reviews scheduled each month? 

Grow a weekly email called “The Restaurant Review” all about marketing & current issues for food service based businesses.

We’ll provide tips and strategies for free every week to earn trust and showcase expertise. Each email will include a strong CTA for our Restaurant Digital Review. 

How will we grow our weekly Restaurant Review email? 

Put out highly valuable, kickass articles every week on our blog that help foodservice providers understand and leverage digital marketing for a restaurant.

Include one CTA to sign up for our Restaurant Review newsletter in every article.

How will we get people to our blog posts? 

Share each blog on LinkedIn where we’ve built a network of foodservice sales professionals and restaurant owners. Syndicate the article to Medium for additional awareness and exposure. 

That’s it. 

We’ve reverse-engineered a solid marketing ladder for this design company. 

Of course, your ladder will look different.

For instance, an eCommerce company is going to be far different from our design company example, but you can build it the same way.

The key is to keep asking how until you reach the top of the ladder. 

Action Step for this lesson

1. Open the Google Drive folder titled “Marketing Plan” you created a couple of weeks ago. 

2. Create a document titled “Strategy” and complete your “How Ladder”. 

3. Email me for help if you’re struggling with your “How Ladder”.  (Use our contact page – )

In the final lesson, we’re going to cover tactics and schedules. This is the one mandatory element for successful marketing, and I’ve got a little hack to make it a whole lot easier.